Our services

If you are looking to fill a key position in your company in Germany or abroad with a suitable candidate, we are here to help. Hardenberg consultants' are dedicated to investing both their time and expertise in service of finding an ideal match.

We not only have a solid network of contacts throughout the industry, but are known for our competence in directly approaching top talents and have a large pool of potential candidates. This makes us one of the key players in the sector and perfectly placed for securing the very best talents for your enterprise.

In order to further ensure that candidates will meet a position's needs, we are also placed to perform optional psychometric and aptitude testing.


Dr. Felix von Hardenberg
Tel. +49  8178 998641-0



Animal Health meets executive search

Sectors in which Hardenberg Consulting operates

  • Animal health
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Animal nutrition
  • Genetics
  • Medical technology
  • Medical products
  • Stable technology
  • Contract research
  • Application software
  • Milking technology
  • Publishing
  • Animal clinics

On occasion, we also act as consultants to medium-sized businesses from other sectors.

Positions filled by Hardenberg Consulting

  • Management and Management Board
  • Key Account Management
  • Head of Division
  • Customer Service
  • Business Development
  • Commercial Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Research & Development
  • Production
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Product management
  • Quality Management & Quality Control
  • Medical- & Technical Service

How we help you and your company to fill a key position?

Searching for a candidate
  • Direct approaches
  • Personal networks
  • Database
  • Advertising
Selecting candidates
  • Performed by specialist consultant
  • Multi-stage process involving telephone and face-to-face interviews
  • Aptitude assessments
Project management
  • Proven, transparent process
  • Regular exchanges with HR and Hiring Manager
  • Candidate management
  • Travel cost reimbursement
  • Communication and organization of all process steps

Hardenberg Consulting provides its services and supports its clients throughout the entire recruitment process. This means that we search for suitable candidates for you by directly approaching top talents, using our extensive database of potential candidates and our personal network of contacts in the industry.

From these resources, our consultants will put together a pool of matching candidates to present to you.

As a next step, we will also be happy to support you with conducting your interviews with these candidates. Should you wish, we can also provide added certainty by performing reliable aptitude tests.

Our Hardenberg Consulting team will consequently manage the entire recruitment process for you using a highly dependable and transparent approach.